Six Word Story Challenge

Having never participated in a blogging event, I hesitantly scanned the events page and looked at some of the early blog posts for the assignment. Blabberwockying shared a six word story challenge by Benedict Nicholson. This event seemed like a good place to start.  Six words.  How hard could it be? Hmm.  It’s actually a bit more challenging than I had originally anticipated – but, I enjoyed it.

This week’s prompt:  LOSS

My attempt:

She lay down, clutching his pillow.

Author: dsmcknight

Writer, reader, daydreamer

21 thoughts on “Six Word Story Challenge”

  1. That’s a very good one – it definitely is more difficult than one might assume 🙂 To achieve such resonance with so few words is very challenging. I’ve never managed one of these yet my brain just sticks. Well done 🙂


      1. You inspired me to tackle this challenge one of these days 😉 As you can see I use 20 or more words where others could say it in 5, but I will keep on learning .
        And you made us think a whole story with just 6 🙂


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