Month: March 2016

Confessions of Grouchy Writer

lollipopWe all have those days – you know the ones where it feels like someone has licked the red off your lollipop.

It’s nothing major, just little things setting your teeth on edge and you can’t figure out why your blood seems to be boiling beneath your skin.

But it could have something to do with the fact that you just showered, washed & styled your hair, put on clean clothes and walked outside – only to be blasted by the smoke from your neighbor’s burn barrel.   Now you smell like a campfire and every time you move your head, a smoky aroma wafts from your hair.

Yeah, that could be one of those little things…

frustratedIt certainly set the tone for my day and no matter how hard I tried to find the humor in the situation, I couldn’t get past the fact that my neighbor was oblivious to the gusting winds that so conveniently blew the smoke and smell out of his yard into those downwind.



I’m sure he had no idea how much I like being outside on sunny days – especially after being stuck inside all week. It’s not like he was aware that I have allergies and  being exposed to smoke triggers some pretty severe headaches. And I’m absolutely positive, he had no idea that his playing pyromaniac would release the monster that I try to contain.  But it did…

and Whiny Deb emerged.

I not only managed to stomp around all afternoon, I was the poster child for the grouchy and irritable.  Evil queens and fabled monsters were busy taking notes.

Now as the day draws to a close, I look back with much regret.  Because my plans (writing outside) didn’t pan out, I took a dive into the deep end of the pouting pool. I focused on what I couldn’t do instead of what I could.  Because of that, I missed some valuable writing time and I have no one to blame but myself.




Fort Macon Photos

This past weekend, we took a little day trip to Morehead City and  Atlantic Beach.  While there, we visited Fort Macon State Park.

I love history and find sites like these quite fascinating.  As such, I took several photos and thought I’d share them.  If you write historical fiction, maybe these will help.

100_1549 (2)

scale model of Fort Macon

100_1527 (2)

Fort Entrance

100_1530 (2)

Not sure what it was called historically but basically it’s the Mess Hall

100_1532 (2)

Bunk Room

100_1529 (2)

View from Bunk Room

100_1548 (2)


100_1539 (2)

bread oven

100_1545 (2)

View from the top of the Fort

100_1542 (2)

View from the top of Fort Macon

For more information about Fort Macon, click here and here.  




Isn't it funny

Each day, we gathered around my second grade teacher as she read to us.  She introduced me to C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and my life was never the same. Reading, writing – the love of the written word – it all goes back to her.  Thank you Mrs. Hardison!




Then and Now…

Saw this over at A Cooking Pot and Twistedtales – and it is so true!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil has changed to:

Look at the evil with eyes wide open and if possible with magnifying lens tied to a binoculars.

Capture the data of the evil with your high definition zoom cameras.

Listen to all contorted/distorted variations of the tasty morsel of evil with big pitcher ears and headphones.

Then go ahead and shout it through every social media forum available, Telephone, Email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and try to break the internet by making it go viral to gain all the likes available and hopefully, the highest bidder for your captured evil will come knocking at the door with a fat cheque.

You can check  Leannenz for past Monday memes.

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