Feeding the Homeless

IMG_20180128_220436Once a month, my family provides dinner to our local homeless shelter.  It’s one of those things that evolved into a sort of family mission.  When we first started, we never imagined that months later we’d still be at it.

There is such a stigma when it comes to the homeless.  It’s amazing how often you hear “They need to get a job” or “They’re nothing but drunks.”  But the truth is much more complex.

Not all homeless people are jobless.  Many work – they just don’t make enough to cover all the bills.   And while some of the homeless population do suffer from substance abuse issues, not all do.

It’s the generalizations that make it okay to ignore the problem.

Unfortunately, that says a lot about us.

We tend to be an “out of sight, out of mind” culture.  We practice the “just ignore it and it will go away” belief system.  We focus on the inconsequential.  We fail to remember that the majority of families in the United States are approximately two paychecks from homelessness themselves.  That’s a sobering thought.

Providing dinner to people who are less fortunate has been a blessing for my family.  It’s made us more aware of those around us.  It’s taught us to pay attention to the people in our community.  It’s made us appreciate the food that we have taken for granted.

Hope Monday finds you in good health.

Have a great week!



reflection and change

As you all know – I took a break from writing, blogging, and twitter.  I’d stop by occasionally but for the most part – I didn’t bother.  I can’t say that about Instagram.  While I might not have posted too often, I would visit daily and I found a lot of beauty on my feed.  I loved that.  

I turned fifty in 2017.  It wasn’t traumatic.  It was in many ways, just another birthday.  But for a person who has a goal of being a centenarian, fifty is a possible midway point.   And that was cause for reflection.

My life has been blessed.  Oh, I’ve suffered my share of bumps and bruises along the way but the good has outweighed the bad.  That is something for which to be grateful.

Changes, however, needed to happen.

I embraced a more minimalist approach to life.  Don’t get me wrong – I still like my stuff – but it’s amazing how much you can part with.  There’s less clutter in my closets.  There’s more room in my cabinets.  After all, most of the time stuff is just stuff.  

My health has become more important.  Getting up thirty minutes earlier to exercise isn’t the sacrifice I thought it would be.  It’s more of a gift to myself.  It’s me telling myself that I am worth the effort.

I took photography classes at the local community college.  

I decided to start writing in my journal again.  Journaling has never lasted because quite honestly, I’d get bored with the whole “my day was”…   This time I invested in a book of weekly prompts.  It’s helping! 

I knew that writing would again be in my future so I carried my laptop in to be serviced.  I had saved the two stories I was working on along with a ton of pictures I’d taken to a thumb drive.  I told the computer tech to wipe my computer.    A couple of days later, I was up and running.

The time came.  I felt like I was ready, that the fountain within had started trickling once more.  I inserted my thumb drive and nothing.  I tried another – no books – no pictures.  And a third thumb drive revealed the same.

Frustrating – yes.  That’s a lot of work gone.

The end of the world – nope. 

I’m not sure what happened.  Did I misplace the thumb drive or did something go wrong when I saved?  I just don’t know.  Fortunately, I had printed off most of one story so over the next few weeks, I’ll be retyping and making some much-needed changes as I go.

I guess that’s life – It doesn’t always go the way we plan and that’s okay.  It’s still good!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful week!