My Writing Mantra

One of the blogs I try to follow is WRITERS IN THE STORM. Their Jan 01, 2016 post What Word Will Guide Your Writing in 2016 by Orly Konig-Lopez was awesome. Click here to read.

When it comes to my writing, last year left a lot to be desired.  I worked on two manuscripts but failed to complete either. As for my blog, well let’s just say I could have done better. With each disappointment, determination seeped away. Procrastination took the place of discipline. Writing became a chore.  I felt edgy and unfulfilled.

I decided my word would be:  REFOCUS

I recently finished reading a novel by Greg Garrett called Shame.  Without going into detail, let me just say this was the perfect end of the year read. One line from the book stuck with me:

 What could have been is the greatest enemy of what is.

I had a choice – I could continue to carry the weight of all those unrealized goals and expectations or I could let it go.

2016:  A new year.  A new slate.  A chance to refocus, to give myself permission to selfishly guard my writing time. And I did it.  Sunday, I set aside three hours and I wrote.  It was wonderful and I felt like I could breathe again.

So how about you?  Have you chose a word or phrase to guide your writing?




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