Goat’s Milk Soap – One of My Favorite Things

A few years ago, our oldest son gifted us with soap – and not just any soap – the world’s best soap. I know what you’re thinking…. Soap? Really? And I’ll admit it, I wasn’t overly excited. After all, it was soap.

A little backstory – my skin is dry. Like crazy dry. Ashy. Itchy. Miserable.

I was careful choosing soaps and bodywashes. I think I tried every lotion known to mankind. Hydrating, extra hydrating, soothing, un-fragranced… You get the picture. Nothing worked. Some products offered a little relief. Most did not.

And then there was the gifted soap. Oatmeal Stout for me and Sandalwood for Hubs. One shower and I noticed the difference. After a week, I was hooked. My skin was so much better.

Everyone has things they have to have – their guilty pleasures if you will. Soap from the Spirit Goat is mine. I live two thousand miles away from the shop so I have to order a couple times a year. And honestly, shipping is so much less hassle than having TSA (at SLC International airport) check my carry on because all of those bars of soap look suspicious!

If you find yourself in Logan, make sure to stop by the store. It’s cute and the employees are always friendly.

Soap from The Spirit Goat, Logan Utah

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