I can’t hear John Conlee singing Rose Colored Glasses that I don’t think of my Uncle Frank.  That song carries me back to the early 80’s when CMT was new.  I sat on the sectional in his living room – listening to John sing as my family sat at the dinner table.  I can see my uncle sitting there. He was loud and somewhat irreverent and oh so funny.  He wore British Sterling and smelled like a million bucks.

He loved listening to Floyd Cramer and on Christmas Eve – after dinner had been served – he’d pop in a CD.  Some of us would find a comfy spot and talk; others danced.  It was wonderful.

I miss him.

My father misses him.  Somehow, that makes the missing a little worse.

And during this Christmas Season, we will recall the the epic Christmas Eve Roman Candle Fight between my dad and uncle.  We’ll laugh and joke around and we’ll listen to old songs and remember.









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