Gotta Love a Good Story – Free Young Adult E-Books

FREE?  Why, yes!  I love free!  I’ve found some of the best things in life don’t cost a cent:  sunshine, a cool breeze, e-books…   When it comes to e-books, I’ll be honest, there’s been quite a few that I couldn’t finish.  I’ve found some that I really enjoyed, though – enough to buy the sequels.  Listed below, in no particular order, are some of those stories:

the faerie guardianThe Faerie Guardian

(Creepy Hollow Book One)

by Rachel Morgan



(An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 1)

by:  Chandra Hahn



Book 1 The Ravening Series

by: Erica Stevens


dying to forgetDying to Forget

The Station Series 1

Trish Marie Dawson



If you enjoy Young Adult Fiction, you might want to check these books out.  Just click on the cover!

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