Author Interview – Pagadala Vijay Kumar

Photo0840PagadalaVijay Kumar is a writer living in Secunderabab which is located in the Indian state of Telangana.  He is an indie author and three of his books are available on Amazon.

Below is our interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, writing a fiction’s easier than describing self. Right from my teenage, I wrote poetry, short stories and recorded few thoughts that’s elaborated and translated into my novels now. Few years ago, I worked at night. While on nightshifts, in the spare time wrote, edited, proofed and my drafts are recently published as novels. Unknowingly, diverse hobbies and interests forced me to study, research and understand few subjects.

Each writer has their own unique process.  Tell us about yours.

I prefer the process of analyzing the common aspects of the people, their psychology and behaviour. The reality that’s never bother to think or discuss. I work on the complicity of the subject and write in simple and easy words.

When it comes to a new novel, what/who usually shows up first? The idea for the story or the characters?

Usually, plot and the main character describe the flow connecting a scene or a memory. I prefer a new theme with a strong subject, love, romance and intriguing characters exploring the facts. Love to cast the strong contemporary woman and society.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on their meaning or because you like how it sounds?  What other things do you consider when naming your characters?

A good question, few readers asked the same question earlier. I like unique names for my characters and so design my own list of nomenclature, the names have no actual meaning, but should hold the characteristic to remember by the readers.

Book covers are important.  They should catch a potential readers attention.  Tell us a little about your cover – Who designed it?   Do you think it captures the “feel” of your story?

Title_Cover_5_x_8Yes, book covers are important and they should go with the storyline, a situation or griping scene to attract the book lovers. I design my titles, covers and they go by the genre. The back matter also should support the title and image/s for a perfect book cover.

Your current work in progress – Care to share a couple of sentences?

My third novel’s based on the hotel business, two broken families and a innovative software’s application to help the people of the society.

Are they too homeless, or searching for the address or a she’s hunting for the customers by taking advantage of her beautiful daughter?  She’s beautiful and walked elegantly and did not exhibit the signs or acts of a prostitute. He remembered the words ‘a person who knows to adjust in situations will survive till last. . .”

He marked it as an act of a winning and challenged the killer by escaping, besides saving his life. In return didn’t revenge him or informed the police. Later, he’s habituated of escaping and staying alert most of the time. He loved the game of chase of death and winning, this concept was not understood by the boss or his gang. . .”

The chip’s encoded with a unique number; programmed to multiply itself when a new record’s appended. It’s a simple synchronization of a bandwidth, converting into a transreceiver signal using with the chip already aligned in the mobile, automobiles, or any mobile vehicle. . .”

Writers tend to spend a lot of time alone.   When it comes to socializing, do you prefer a small group of close friends or large and rowdy party?

Nowadays, I avoid socializing with friends and social networking too. They distract, deviate my ideas and thoughts.

At the end of your life, when it is all said and done, what would you want your tombstone to read?

“ Every life has a purpose, live and show it to the world. ”

Thanks for stopping by and meeting Vijay.  If you are interested in connecting with him on Facebook, click here .


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