Because Writers Need Support

Does your writing life leave you feelingFor the most part, writing is a solitary endeavor.  It requires us to lock ourselves away from the real world and journey into our imagination. There, we connect with the characters and places that are always bouncing around inside of our heads.  Because of this, writers need relationships with others who enjoy the same pursuits. For some, connecting online is enough.  Others prefer more personal interactions.

As much as our families/friends try to support us, they don’t always understand our struggles.  They don’t get the elation we feel when a scene comes together or grasp the frustration of trying to build an audience.

Other writers do – that’s the beauty of a writers group.

What are you looking for in a writers group?

There are many online groups.  These may appeal to someone whose work schedule makes it difficult to meet up in person.  They are also great for people who prefer communicating via e-mails, Facebook pages, etc.  Another benefit of online writers groups is the ability to connect/network with people from around the world.

Critique groups offer valuable feedback, allowing us to consider assessments/criticisms of our work. These groups are made up of writers with varying degrees of experience.

My writers group is small.  I would describe it as a support group.  We try to meet once a month though sometimes our schedules don’t mesh.  Typically, we will meet at a member’s home or a local restaurant. We may share things we’ve learned, discuss marketing ideas, or ask for advice on current projects. We share our victories as well as our defeats.

Looking for a local group?

Check with your library, coffee shops and bookstores.




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