I’ve Got Questions. Have You Got The Answers?

“The difference between fiction and reality?  Fiction has to make sense.”  -Tom Clancy

Sometimes in our writing, we come to a point where we need a little outside input. 

raising hand
bing images – http://free-illustrations.gatag.net

I’m at that point. I need to make sure that my character’s actions are not only possible but believable.   


The YA Fiction I write tends to be a little darker.  One of my characters, a high school senior, will be exhibiting disturbing behavior.  Let’s say, he will be a bit stalker-like.  


Have you had an experience with a stalker or a person with stalker-like tendencies, particularly dealing with a high school aged person?  How did his/her behavior affect you? Was your stalker popular?  Did he/she become violent?  How was your situation resolved?  

If you would be more comfortable answering in private, you can select the Contact Me tab on the menu bar.  

Much appreciation!

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