Back Roads, Old Buildings & Inspiration

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Years ago, my husband and I pulled out a map, closed our eyes and randomly placed our fingers on a spot.  That spot was to be our weekend destination.  We loaded up our young son and off we went.  The only stipulations – no interstates and no national food chains.  This became the best weekend getaway ever!

We took time to stop at road side stands.  We visited a small town that time forgot.  If you can imagine old-time gas pumps and 5¢ candies in glass jars… It was wonderful and nostalgic and so small town America.

Freewill Baptist Church, Sneads Ferry, NC
Freewill Baptist Church,
Sneads Ferry, NC

I love small towns.  I love driving back roads, looking at old churches, abandoned barns and finding the occasional surprise.

There is something about old things that speak to me.  I wonder at the stories they would tell, the memories they would share – if they could talk.  I think back to my grandparents – how hard they had to work to support their families – sharecropping, laboring in the tobacco fields, working in the laundry.  Well, three of them anyway. One chose to make a living as a bootlegger – only he seemed to drink more than he sold…

One of those little surprises - a boat in the woods
One of those little surprises – a boat in the woods

Some people will triumph; others will fail.  And they leave behind them the ghosts of what was and what might have been.  I think it’s those ghosts, those wisps of memory, that draw me to by-gone places.

Those aging buildings, those forgotten places, tickle my imagination.  I see the spirit of a young woman pacing the front porch waiting for her lover to come home.  I hear the laughter of children as they splash in the shallows of a near by river.  I smell the perfumed air that announces the arrival of a fairy prince.  And if I’m lucky, a new character might just introduce herself…

So – What inspires you?

4 Replies to “Back Roads, Old Buildings & Inspiration”

  1. Ah the beauty of small town America. We’ve not done a US road trip for a while now but we’re pondering if we might be able to squeeze it in on a quick trip across the pond this Autumn. Seeing your lovely photo and inspiring prose makes that a certainty now – thanks.


  2. Fun post! I think it’s great what you and your husband did.

    I also love small towns and old things. I lived in an old vintage condo complex back in Chicago. And in Germany, we live in a small town, and I love thinking about the people who walked the streets hundreds of years ago. When we go into an old cathedral, my mind wanders to the hardships the people endured to build it.

    I’ll have to give the finger spot a try. 😀

    Love the picture of the house!


    1. Thanks Denise! I absolutely adore vintage buildings, revitalized downtown districts – any place that has that has that certain feel.
      And do give the finger spot a try – it really was the most relaxing getaway ever. 🙂

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