High-Heeled Shoes and Me

I recently came across the term “green content.” Gotta love recycling! So, here’s me – going green! Hope you enjoy!

I have a love/hate relationship with high-heeled shoes – especially since I can no longer wear them.  If you were to follow me into a shoe store, you might find me eyeing a pair of strappy high-heeled sandals, imagining how they’d look with a certain dress.  Then, I’d sigh and move on in search of a more hip-friendly pair (flats or low heels).  Yep. That’s me, the conflicted 40+ year old woman who can’t seem to get past the fact that as far as I’m concerned, high-heeled sexy shoes have gone the way of the dodo bird.

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I’ll be honest, I’m really more of a flip-flop/running shoe kind of girl.  Always have been.  So, it came as a surprise when I found myself missing these beautiful torture devices.  Seriously, who in their right mind misses the toe pinching, arch-aching experience that is high-heeled shoes? I’ll tell you…

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  1. Love it! As a recent inductee into the 40+ club, I am being forced to severely limit my time in high heels. And is it just me, or do they keep getting higher and higher?! 3″ was a stretch, 4″ is a no-no, and I’ve seen some even higher!!

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