Margaret Sorick, Author Interview

Because of Blogging 101 & 201, I found some great blogs and some awesome Blog-Buddies.  One of those buddies is author Margaret Sorick.  The first thing that caught my attention was her blog’s title and tagline:

Meg Sorick – she writes better than she dresses

“She tried to look picturesque, but only succeeded in being untidy.”    Oscar Wilde

Seriously, I was intrigued – a writer with a self depreciating sense of humor!  I knew her blog was going to be a favorite.

So when the opportunity arose to have her visit my blog, I was thrilled.  If you haven’t met Dr. Meg, you’re in for a treat. And if you are familiar with her blog, then you’re about to get to know her a little better.

Tell us a little about yourself.         

IMG_0176Where to begin?  I am a writer!  I love saying that because I’m finally doing this thing I love after years of ignoring it!  The rest of the time, I am a practicing chiropractor with an office in the basement of my home.  This set-up is actually very conducive to writing because I can carve out time for it between patients and on my long lunch break in the middle of the day.  (Chiropractic can be very physically exhausting, especially after 20 years of practice!)  I love to read, am addicted to it.  In fact, I usually have at least 2 books going at a time: one on audio for listening to while I exercise, and another on paper or e-book.  I love music, sports and live theater.  I’ve been married to my wonderful man for 23 years.  We don’t have any children, but love being “emergency back-up parents” for our friends’   We enjoy traveling and our bucket list includes visiting all the capital cities of Europe.

Each writer has their own rituals – some listen to music while others drink coffee. What do you do to bring on your muse?         

Early morning writing has to include coffee, at least 2 cups, with absolute quiet.  Later in the day, I will listen to music, usually non-vocal.  One of my favorite Pandora stations is Moby Radio.

When it comes to a new novel, what/who usually shows up first? The idea for the story or the characters?

The story usually shows up first with a vague idea of who the characters might be.  I’ve gone back and rewritten major characters, because I didn’t like how they were working in the story.  For example, one of my villains from Three Empty Frames actually started out as the hero.

How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names based on their meaning or because you like how it sounds? What other things do you consider when naming your characters?

I don’t choose names based on their meanings.  So far, I’ve been writing a series with recurring characters.  I’ve tried to make sure all their names sound good together as a group, not too similar or alliterative.  I haven’t given anyone in the book too outrageous a name, except for my current main character Desdemona.  So aside from her name, I’ve used the website to help choose names based on how old the character is.  If you type in the year the character was “born”, they will give you the top 25 names for babies born that year.  For surnames, I’ve used place names, the names of deceased relatives and names of people in movie and TV credits!

Desdemona Murray is the main character for your novel, Seeing Red. How did she introduce herself to you?

This is a convoluted tale.  At the time I was writing the first book:  Three Empty Frames, I was binge watching Doctor Who on Netflix.  During the time of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, played by the beautiful Karen Gillan, was the Doctor’s companion.  I imagined Karen, a statuesque red-head, as one of the friends of my main character for that book.  I had already figured out that each of the three young women in the first book was going to get a story of her own.  As for the name Desdemona, it’s not taken from the Shakespeare’s Othello, as one might assume. Rather, I took it from ‘Where Is Joe Merchant, a novel by Jimmy Buffet!  He wrote about his friend Desdemona, who runs a space station and bait shop as part of a crazy cast of Florida characters in the book.  My Des is nothing like Jimmy Buffet’s Des, but I just loved the name!  Murray is a distant family name on my mother’s side.

Thinking about your latest novel: If one of the supporting characters could step off the page and join you for lunch, which would you choose and why?           

Adam Quinn has an older brother, Graham.  He only has a supporting role in this story, but secretly, I’m in love with him!  He’s blunt and honest to the point of being rude.  As you get to know Graham, however, you find out that he is intelligent, artistic, loyal and funny.  Oh and did I mention drop-dead gorgeous?  Yeah, that too!

Writers tend to spend a lot of time alone. When it comes to socializing, do you prefer a small group of close friends or large and rowdy party?               

I manage all right in a crowd, but it’s not my preference.  Ironically, we entertain frequently, so I find myself in the midst of a crowd quite often!  I end up sequestering myself with a friend or two in the kitchen to escape!

Which would you prefer: Hiking/Camping   or   Dinner/Movie          

Hiking/camping, but the hubs is not much of a camper so it doesn’t happen nearly enough!

Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers their dreams. Do you remember your dreams and have they ever inspired a story or a scene in a story?  

I have a very vivid recollection of two dreams I had as a child.  One was about a plane crash and a reporter standing in front of the wreckage, the other was a recurring nightmare that my house was burning down.  Have they influenced a story?  Not yet!

At the end of your life, when it is all said and done, what would you want your tombstone to read?

“Beloved wife, loyal friend, she was able to laugh till the bitter end.”

Meg’s latest novel:

51bjmspj-ol-_sx331_bo1204203200_Beautiful, hardworking, Desdemona Murray doesn’t see herself the way others do.  She only remembers the awkward teenager she once was.  The talented landscape designer is hired to install a custom deck at the home of star football player, Ethan Samuels.  When she catches the eye of the handsome professional athlete, and he begins to pursue her relentlessly, she is at first, flattered and amazed.  However, her heart belongs to a man whom she believes only considers her a friend.  Adam Quinn has always been a ladies man, not one to settle down, or so she thinks.  Little does she know his feelings for her run much deeper.  When Des finally sees both men for who they really are, the choice she must make is obvious.  But when she chooses, Des finds out how dangerous it can be to break free from a man who can’t take no for an answer.

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  1. This is the best interview I have read so far in the blogosphere.

    Excellent questions and wonderful answers.

    Loved it and shared it on social media.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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