It’s Fall Y’all – The best of Autumn (and the worst)

I have a love/hate relationship with autumn.

There’s October by U2  – Seriously, what’s not to love about that!

(No intent to infringe on any copyrights by sharing this video.)

It'sFallY'allThere’s the fun stuff like driving out to Mike’s Farm and going on a hayride, decorating for Halloween and enjoying the fire pit. There’s apples and caramel dip, sweet potatoes and warm soup on chilly evenings. There’s football games and county fairs. There’s this feeling of hearth and home – of gathering the family – of sharing the harvest. This is what fall means to me…


There are days that I hate the very existence of the fall season. There’s the migraines brought on by the neighbors burning moldy leaves and the headaches that announce the arrival of a new weather front.  Yes, my head is in fact a barometer.  Satellite out at your house?  No problem – give me a call. My noggin is a sensitive instrument – capable of picking up on the slightest weather change.  Yesterday, we had a high in the low 70’s.  Today, we topped out in the upper 50’s. I woke up last night – my head aching, announcing the arrival of the latest front.

Gotta love a built in barometer.


8 Replies to “It’s Fall Y’all – The best of Autumn (and the worst)”

  1. I know what you mean! I feel exactly the same-love the weather, but the weather doesn’t love me.I keep the neti pot handy and Simply Saline too when I don’t feel like messing with the messy neti pot. Also those little 88 cents allegry pills from Wal-Mart come in handy. But some days nothing helps and I feel like I have balloons filling my head and I look like someone punched me in the eyes.Seems there is always a little hell with our heaven..

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