Christmas Cookie Catastraphy

When it comes to baking, my hubs rocks.  He’s my own personal pastry chef.  No store bought pie crusts for my guy.  He makes his own.  His pumpkin pie can’t be beat.  It could have something to do with the fact that he doesn’t use canned pumpkin.  Nope. He picks out a pumpkin at theContinue reading “Christmas Cookie Catastraphy”

Finding Christmas in a Store

She stood in front of me, her groceries moving towards the scanner, one child in the buggy, the other standing beside it. Hotdogs, chicken pot pies – nothing extravagant – not for this family. She focused on the monitor like a hawk watching prey and that is what caught my attention.  Because I can rememberContinue reading “Finding Christmas in a Store”

Bruce Stuart – The Lightening Round – Virtual Book Tour

I’m delighted to participate in the Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tour for Bruce Stuart, author of The Lightening Round   Literary / Women’s Fiction Date Published: November 1, 2015     Did you ever wonder what it’s like to dare to fall in love with someone who literally isn’t on your level?   The LighteningContinue reading “Bruce Stuart – The Lightening Round – Virtual Book Tour”