Christmas Cookie Catastraphy

When it comes to baking, my hubs rocks.  He’s my own personal pastry chef.  No store bought pie crusts for my guy.  He makes his own.  His pumpkin pie can’t be beat.  It could have something to do with the fact that he doesn’t use canned pumpkin.  Nope. He picks out a pumpkin at the grocery store and goes from there.

It probably goes without saying that when my children wanted to bake cookies – it was their father who answered the call.

Now don’t misunderstand the situation – I can bake.  I’m a freaking pro when it comes to those refrigerated options – you know the ones where you break apart the squares of cookie dough and drop them on a pan and 13 minutes later – Viola!   And don’t forget turtles – they are my specialty. A pretzel, a Rolo and 3 minutes in the oven!  Top it off with a pecan!  I’m like the star of my own cooking show!

So – as Christmas approached and Hubs was up to his elbows in our bathroom remodel, I stepped up to the oven.  After all, I’m a team player and if Hubs could tear out drywall than I could throw together a few ingredients for some holiday treats.

chocolate-snowman-pretzel-craft-sticks-popsicle-crafts-I visited pinterest and found the cutest chocolate dipped pretzel snowmen. I mean seriously, aren’t they just the best?  (For instructions, click here)

InstagramCapture_d2ec9fe6-ac84-4b92-8625-d2f905d44c61Only mine didn’t look so cute. In fact, it was suggested that I make them for next year’s Halloween – something about them channeling Freddy Krueger.

I accepted the truth – Chocolate dipped pretzel snowmen were beyond my abilities.  I moved on to cookies.  No – I didn’t open a recipe book.  I don’t have the patience for that. Instead, I purchased those giant rolls of cookie dough.

I pulled out the cookie cutters, choosing the candy cane shaped ones and explained my plan.  No rolling out the dough – nope.  Instead, I made little logs and dropped them into the cutters, lightly pressing them to fill the canes.  Easy-peasy…

Only not so much…

That batch of cookies were interesting to say the least.  Hubs said he’d never seen candy canes look quite like mine.  Needless to say, I’ve accepted that some people (me) are baking challenged.  And that’s okay because Hubs has promised to man the kitchen next year.

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