We Remember

It’s Memorial Day.

6tag_280516-164336I love Small Town America.  I love that my little town has people who volunteer their time to commemorate national holidays. Without fail about a week before Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day, flags appear along a three mile stretch leading to the back gate of Camp Lejeune Marine Corp Base – all to honor those that serve/have served.

Living next to a military base has it’s challenges what with the shelling, guns blasting, helicopters flying…  It can get quite noisy.  And then there’s the convoys which seem to happen when you’re running late for an appointment.  The slow moving traffic can cause a saint to swear.

It’s a small price to pay for the freedom we enjoy.

This year, my parents will be hosting a welcome home dinner for my brother in law – who recently returned from a 9 month deployment with the US Navy.  We will be quite the crowd: My father, a US Navy Vet, my husband – USMC Vet, my brother – US Army Reserve, my brother in law – US Navy Reserve, my son – NC Army National Guard Reserve.  (I’m sure you can imagine the smack talking during the Army/Navy game!)

My family has been fortunate.  Our servicemen have all come home.  We don’t take that lightly.  So today, as we celebrate another safe homecoming, we will remember those who weren’t so lucky – those who made the ultimate sacrifice and we will pray for comfort and peace for their families and friends.






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  1. my father fought with the Marines as a Navy corpsman during world war 2. My brother was a lifer in the Navy also. I have tremendous respect for the young men and women who fight for our country, who give their time and part of their lives 4 those of us who don’t – they are truly the best of America God bless them

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