Pfizer Vaccine & Me

I’ve thought long and hard about sharing my experience with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Ultimately, I decided that information is key in making informed decisions.

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On July 27, 2021, I decided to get the vaccine. The pharmacist who administered the shot, jokingly asked that I stay 10-12 minutes after the injection to make sure I didn’t pass out or that my head didn’t explode. I chuckled. After waiting the required time, I started to my car. I noticed a slight tingling in my face. As the evening wore on, the tingling became stronger and a numbing sensation set in. It would be accurate to say that my face felt “rubbery” – much like how I feel after a dental procedure when the Novocaine starts to wear off. The thought crossed my mind that maybe my head was really going to blow up.

The next morning, no improvement. In fact, my face started to swell and itch. My scalp felt like my hair was trying to crawl off my head. My primary care provider suggested that I take Benedryl which I did.

Within two weeks, my eyes started watering – excessively. Tears would stream down my face. It was hard to be productive at work as I was constantly drying my eyes. I went to the eye doctor looking for help. I was advised to try drops and hot compresses.

After a month of dealing with this, my primary care provider, whose associate had experience working with facial paralysis, concluded that the trigeminal nerve was inflamed and prescribed Prednisone. Nine days later – the symptoms had lessened but were still present. We hoped that the nerve would continue to settle. It didn’t.

Numbness has now moved into the left side of my mouth and the left side of my tongue though this is not a constant condition.

At this point, we are trying Vitamin B injections. Not sure how effective this is going to be but it’s a safer alternative than a steroid.

My eyes are still watering but thankfully not continually streaming down my face – and the area around my eyes is chapped and raw.

My face is still itchy, tingling and numb. The swelling is now mostly around my eyes, under my lips and down the left side of my neck.

I received the injection in my left arm. I find it somewhat weird that the left side of my face seems to be more affected than the right.

I’m not in pain. I am a bit depressed. Two months of a steady barrage of itching, tingling and numbness is frustrating. I’m losing hope that we’ll find something to alleviate the condition.

I’m not an anti-vaxer but I’m not willing to take the second injection as I don’t know what more it will do to me.

I’m fortunate that I have health insurance to help cover the costs of the doctor visits and prescriptions. Pfizer isn’t helping with that.

It’s been two months now and while I’ve accepted the fact that this may be my new normal, I’m angry about it. I’m certainly glad that most people who have taken the vaccine had no issues. But for those of us that did, I hate that what we are experiencing is so easily dismissed.

I share this – not to discourage anyone from getting vaccinated – but to make people aware that for some of us, there are real lingering side-effects.

11 Replies to “Pfizer Vaccine & Me”

  1. No vaccine is without side effects. If you think yours is then get your doctor to advise Pfizer of it. With my first dose I became breathless within 4 hrs but some antihistamine settled it. A sore arm like any other jab with both 1st and 2nd jab were the only other effects. I want to help protect others from COVID and if I get it end up with a much lighter illness. In NZ our latest lockdown started with 1 man, he’d had his 1st jab and passed the infection on. His wife had her 2nd jab and no cases came from her. I am old enough to had had the first polio vaccine and 3 times the smallpox jab. Vaccines keep you safe. A very small percentage have side effects. My mother could not have any vaccine grown on egg products as her allergy to eggs would have killed her.


  2. Two of my children have been vaccinated and they were fine. Not sure why I reacted differently. My side effects have been reported as my PCP agrees that my symptoms are vaccine related.


  3. I got my second shot yesterday-so far so good. But as I sat down to get the shot, i joked with the pharmacist about side effects and he seriously said he wondered how long it would take before we knew why some have reactions and others don’t. I have found him more concerned and informed than my doctor. Obviously he has seen both sides. I am outraged at the lack of knowledge out there about side effects and the lack of concern. I truly hope these are not your new normal. Carol


  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I hope with all my heart that you will make a full recovery.

    I had the first shot of the Pfizer “vaccine” just over six weeks ago, and within an hour, I had chest and heart pains that took my breath away. Every day since then has been a rollercoaster ride of pain, including pain in the heart/chest/lungs, agonising cramps and spasms in my legs and lower body, heavy dead legs alternating with numbness and pins and needles, shooting pains all over, wandering pains and aches that move from one place to the next, frequent episodes of breathlessness and heart palpitations, exhaustion, weird headaches, insomnia… As in your case, the symptoms are usually worse on the left side (where I had the jab).

    Some days I think I am on the mend, and then I have another relapse that takes me right back to square one. It has been absolutely exhausting. And what’s made it worse is that there has been so little support or sympathy from the medical profession, who have no idea what is going on or how to help me. I find it appalling and upsetting that those of us who are unfortunate enough to have significant, long-lasting and debilitating side effects are dismissed as “rare events” or “statistical outliers” or accused of being “misinformation-spreading anti-vaxxers”. How about showing some compassion and kindness instead?

    So thank you sooo much for sharing your story. I have found soo few people willing to do that, and I’ve felt very alone. Thank you, and I really hope you recover fully.


    1. I’m so sorry for the late response. I was taking a break from social media. I hope that you’ve found some relief for your symptoms which sound awful. (For me – 8 months since the jab) I am currently on Prednisone. It’s helping. My face is still tingly but bearable and my eyes aren’t running every minute. I understand where you’re coming from – so many people just don’t understand. Obviously, we weren’t anti-vaccine. I’ve had the flu vaccine in the past and no side effects. I just wish the government/media/people would acknowledge what we’re going through or have gone through. Something in that vaccine caused our issues. Again, please accept my apologies for not responding sooner.

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  5. I have heard and read conflicting reports on the Pfizer vaccine. Are people who have bad experiences with it being recommended to take the vaccine without little forethought as to the risks?


    1. So sorry for the late response. I was on a social media hiatus. I think it depends on the doctor. Initially mine felt it was worth the risk but as time went on, she changed her mind. She is working with me as I still having tingling in my face/watering eyes 8 months later. Prednisone is helping.


  6. No. I won’t get vaccinated again. While I am blessed that the side effects I’m dealing with aren’t as bad as some – they are bad enough. Without the prednisone, the skin around my eyes is literally cracked and painful from wiping away constant tears and my face feels like novacaine is wearing off – tingling and numb. This has been going on since July 27, 2021.


  7. I was willing to consider the Pfizer vaccine. Your story and a multitude of other stories about bad experiences following the Pfizer vaccine, as well as the rest, gives me pause about the vaccines.


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