Living Her Best Life

She’s not crazy about getting her picture taken but apparently, if she can be somewhat incognito, she’s good!

Back in 2017, we adopted Nova. She had been at the animal shelter for a while. Long enough that the workers were concerned. (Apparently, black dogs have a harder time getting adopted.) She’s one of the best decisions we ever made.

Had a hard day at work? Nova is there to welcome us home. Some days, she literally howls with joy. Every day, she shows off – running from the dining room table, around the coffee table and back – repeatedly – while we cheer her on because she’s so fast!!! (Not really but she likes for us to tell her she’s the fastest! )

She always has time to love on us and to be loved on. She’s sweet and an absolute attention whore. 😉

Some days, I’m sure we rescued her. Other days, I wonder if she didn’t rescue us.

Today isn’t one of those days. My husband let Nova run around in the back yard. Unfortunately, there’s some feral cats in our neighborhood that occasionally use our yard as their liter box. Nova found the poop… and rolled in it…and my goodness – she stinks!

And I can’t put off bathing her smelly self any longer!

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