Of Dreams and Shadow

ODAS200x300Sixteen year old Jenna Barton isn’t a happy camper. She’s had to deal with moving to a new town, transferring to a new school, leaving old friends and trying to make new ones. It doesn’t help that her new neighbor, Chase Williams, is particularly unwelcoming. Unfortunately, for Jenna these are the least of her problems. She has unwittingly stepped into the middle of a mystery involving a missing child. The predator is still on the loose and Jenna has become his new obsession. Sarah Jones was just four years old when she disappeared and Chase was the only witness. No one believed the ramblings of a scared little boy — especially when he said a shadow took Sarah. Now, all he wants is for Jenna to move. He knows what resides in her backyard — but how can he tell her? She wouldn’t believe him anyway.

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