Spicing Up Our Fiction With A Little Truth

officeThe phone rang.  I answered.

Caller:  (voice of an older man) Somebody from your office called me earlier.  Who called me and why?

Me:  I don’t know, sir.  If you give-  (I’m interrupted at this point)

Caller:  What do you mean you don’t know?  Does your office randomly call people for no reason?

Me:  No sir.  If you’ll give me your name-

Caller:  Hey You

Me:  Sir?

Caller:  That’s my name.  Hey You.  So why did your office call me?

Me:  (Rolling eyes) If you give me a last name besides You, I should be able to look your name up in our system.

Caller:  (Laughs)  You didn’t call me.  I’m just calling around trying to aggravate people.


It happened today.  True stuff.   And yes, I thought it was a tad bit creepy.  But that’s what made it interesting.  Things like this happen all the time.  We just have to remember to jot down these crazy occurances.    As much as we’d like to believe we won’t forget certain incidents, the fact is we very well may.  Trivial things can get buried beneath an avalanche of our daily doings.   By taking the time to record the event, we can reference it later.  After all, we never know when a story or character we’re working on could benefit from a little “truth.”


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