My Review of Lilah by Marjorie DeLuca

lilahAmazon’s Book Description:

When Searching for the Truth Means Reliving Your Own Nightmares

Journalist, Nick Hendricks is coasting on auto pilot with his job, his relationships and his life. All that changes one snowy night when the beautiful and mysterious Lilah arrives in sleepy little Silver Narrows. Caught hopelessly in her spell, Nick begins to investigate some tragic disappearances from the town’s past. Soon he realizes that things aren’t so perfect in this small Minnesota town and there are guilty secrets lurking beneath its cozy exterior. Secrets some of the town’s long-standing citizens want to keep buried. But he can’t help wondering where Lilah came from, why she’s there and what connection she has with the unexplained disappearances of four teenagers. Nick’s investigation sets off a string of disturbing events as he struggles to answer these questions and come to terms with unsettling secrets from his own past while falling crazily in love with the elusive Lilah.

What I Thought:

Marjorie DeLuca has created a tale full of suspense – a guaranteed page turner.  I found myself reading until the wee hours of the morning.

The story was told from the perspective of Nick, a small town newspaper reporter.  Nick is like an onion – all these different layers that when peeled away reveal a complex person.  On the surface, he seemed a bit shallow and self-absorbed.  But as the story unfolded, I found Nick to be vulnerable and at times, somewhat blind – but surprisingly likable.

I loved how the story opens:

The night Lilah came to Silver Narrows, Minnesota, the wind changed direction, and so did Nick’s life.

Lilah serves as the catalyst to the story, prompting changes in not only the town but in Nick. She is somewhat of an enigma as her past/motives are not known.  The author does sprinkle in a few clues and honestly, there were a couple of times I wanted to smack Nick for his refusal to recognize them.

There are a multitude of characters.  The author did a good job juggling all of them.  She touches on some sensitive subjects and presents them in a very realistic manner.

If you enjoy romantic suspense, you won’t go wrong with this novel.

4 stars!!!


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