Writing Rituals

Developing our own unique rituals can help us become more productive in our writing. They offer us the freedom to tap into ourselves – to find those things that connect us with our imagination.  For some, sitting at a desk wearing a pair of boxers and sipping on coffee might bring on the muse.  Others might connect with their story by taking a walk in the woods or listening to a soundtrack of their favorite movies.  (I love listening to music from The Lord of the Rings.)  The choice of ritual isn’t as important as the results.  Ultimately, the object is to clear away the static so our thoughts and ideas flow.Writing RitualsWhat are your rituals?

8 Replies to “Writing Rituals”

  1. my rituals – of course, as I’ve mentioned before, gotta play solitaire before writing the first word.. But then there is music-maybe a picture-different things that rouse the soul and bring on the muse..My head has to be there and sometimes weeks go by before that happens. Other times I restrain the muse to enhance “stuff.” I call it simmering or stewing. But hey! things might change tomorrow.

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  2. I like the way you set this up – very clever. I wear sweats and have a laptop that sits on a bakers rack. I have coffee and water to keep me going. It is not a bad setup. I prefer some noise as opposed to silence. I shared this in one of my blogs.

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  3. I prefer quiet. VERY quiet. My ritual? Early morning…. Surf, check mail, answer fan mail. then close the internet and open word processor. I can’t seem to get away from Microsoft Works writer ( I have even had to load it on my newer computers from old CD’s.)
    Sit quietly. Look at the screen, put my fingers on the keyboard, take a deep breath, then report on the movie playing in my head.
    Any noise takes me out of the zone. Even a car or truck moving down my very rural and very country road will distract me for a bit.


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